Album Name: 
The County Primaries
Album Artist: 
Kevin Brown
Album Label: 
Turkey King
Album Cover: 

In this lovely, quiet bluegrass album, songwriter Kevin Brown explores the simple life of rural Eastern Washington.   I’ve heard a lot of bluegrass lately that seems clichéd, lots of good times, whisky, lovers leaving, falling in love, in the most generic terms.   On the other hand I’ve heard a lot of bluegrass lately that I like quite a lot from indie punk bluegrass revival.  Still, this genre comes from a place of fantasy and amature historical ethnomusicology, not everyday experience.  The Country Primaries, like the title of the album, feels very grounded and specific. 

The windows glow from the TV sets/ The kids around the internet/ Little campfires unattended. There’s a gust of wind, a knock at the door/ The Sheriff says you’d best be out by morning/ Or it might be too late.

You can see from these lyrics the lack of concern for purity or perfect rhymes in favor of a real engagement with everyday life as one man experiences it, externally and internally.  I really enjoyed this dignified, understated document of  the way the mind meanders and meditates in the few spaces left on earth that still allow for the experience of time.